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Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents are by far the most common type of injury claim. As our population grows, there are more cars on the road and more accidents. Mobile phones have only added to the problem. Despite improved technology in cars and better safety ratings, dozens of car accident injuries occur every day in Massachusetts. David Reservitz his and his team are skilled Brockton Auto Accident Lawyer that will get you the settlement you deserve.

There are several important reasons to hire a local lawyer. They know the details on how to handle each step of the process, which differs significantly state to state and often by county or city.

For example, Massachusetts is a “No Fault” state which requires you to file a claim for medical bills with your own insurance company regardless of fault. However, your company will eventually be reimbursed by the company or party at fault. This is very different from most states including other New England states and must be handled properly.

It is best to hire a local Brockton Auto Accident Lawyer such as David Reservitz. That is why national firms you see on TV will end up referring your case to another law firm in hopes of making a referral fee. Local lawyers are better suited to help navigate the process from dealing with local police, medical providers and courts.

The early stages of this process involve filing a claim for medical benefits and lost wages. This is called Personal Injury Protection or P.I.P. There is a strategy to filing and submitting this claim to benefit the injured party and it often requires local knowledge and relationships with medical facilities. P.I.P will only cover the initial $2000- $8000 in expenses and once the P.I.P is exhausted, the bill submissions will transfer to available health insurance. Towards the end of the claim, these companies are reimbursed by the at fault insurance company.

But that company will not cover lost wages in the weeks following the accident. So responsive personal injury attorneys will strategically prioritize the submission knowing that other medical bills can be covered by health insurance, unlike wages. Unfortunately, some law firms will allow the medical provider to submit bills directly to the P.I.P carrier because it is less work for them but this is not in the clients best interest.

Once those benefits are coordinated and you have recovered as much as possible from your injuries, David Reservitz and his team will initiate the settlement process. This involves compiling all medical evidence as well as detailed information about how the accident occurred and how it affected you in all aspects of life. Attorney Reservitz will evaluate the claim at a high level and fight to obtain this result for the Insurance Adjuster.

Most claims will settle without the need for a lawsuit; but if the Insurance Company does not make a sufficient offer, an aggressive attorney will file a lawsuit in the local state court to apply the maximum pressure. This alone can often produce a better settlement offer. Otherwise, the case will enter a “Litigation Phase”. Here, David Reservitz, a skilled Auto Accident Attorney in Brockton will litigate the claim using tools called Discovery which includes a written exchange of documentation as well as Depositions. This process will occur before court dates and help the attorneys prepare for trial. It will also continue to apply pressure on the Insurance Company and Defendant and often produce a settlement at that point.

If the case still does not settle, it will proceed to litigation and possibly to trial. This is truly what separates most Brockton Auto Accident Law Firms. While the vast majority of cases do settle before trial, any law firm that fights for full value for their client will need to try a case to a jury every once in a while. However, many firms do not- they will simply take a lower settlement because they are not equipped to go to trial nor does it fit into their business model, which is high volume, less litigation. David Reservitz and his team of aggressive Auto Accident Lawyers will get a higher settlement because we aren’t afraid of the fight. This tenacity is what sets us apart and gets you a higher settlement.

The Insurance companies collect data on which lawyers will take a case to trial, and they will adjust settlement offers accordingly.

Chose a local Auto Accident Lawyer in Brockton that will Respect your situation to be sure you get your proper medical treatment and the bills and wages paid.

Chose a local lawyer that will give you the Response you deserve when you are feeling the frustration of the accident and need to know that everything is being handled for you.

Chose a local lawyer that has the reputation of years of success in the community to deliver the best Results.

Call or text us (508) 588-5010 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here for you day or night.

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"I would recommend Reservitz Law to anyone in a situation like mine. Words can’t explain my appreciation for helping me through the most difficult time in my life." Kerri
"I had the opportunity to work with David Reservitz, was incredible. His personal attention to my case, along with his professionalism is second to none.
Thank you David and everyone in the law firm, you did an amazing job for me. I will always recommend!”
Karen Straw
"Dave and his staff are extremely professional and empathetic, helping me during a very stressful time in my life. I highly recommend them." George, Brookline
"Thanks to Attorney David Reservitz he turned a tragedy into a triumph. I would highly recommend David Reservitz to represent anyone with any legal issues. I am proud that he is my attorney." Charlean, Brockton
"The best thing we ever did was pick up the phone and ask you to represent us. You immediately put us at ease and got us what we deserved." Will H.